Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Make Your Self-Value Grow Today

In my last coaching session with Christine, she casually remarked that it seemed to her that I easily put other people on exalted pedestals, while playing down my own expertise and value. Ouch. Did I tell you that, in my experience, coaches are not warm fuzzies?

But then again, no one could say I was being selfish, right? Isn't being "selfish" the worst insult?

No one I know spends her every day at the spa, getting daily massages and beauty treatments. I imagine those ladies exist somewhere, but my buddies all work extremely hard serving others in one capacity or another. Some of them get a lot of money for what they do, and others not so much.

Spending time at the spa does not necessarily correlate with value allocation. But most definitely, if you value yourself, other people in your life will follow your lead. They will either value you as well, or step into the background.

If you appreciate yourself, good things happen. You can give more, perform better, break negative patterns in your life and live from a deeper level of contentment.

By consistently burning the candle at both ends, failing to take special care of yourself, people assume, not that you're waiting for a rescue, but that you actually enjoy being a masochist.

Here are some things I do to remind myself that I rock:

- Get enough sleep.

- Take time to walk almost every day.

- Shop at a nice grocery store.

- Relish the scent of handmade candles from Pacifica candles.

- Attend chamber music concerts.

- Bring take-out food home. (Conversely you could bring a homemade lunch to work.)

- Take time to goof off.

None of these tactics are going to break the bank. What can you do today to value yourself?