Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Strength - Values Communication Connection

Dr. David Hawkins' Power vs. Force articulates in depth the relationship between our pysical strength and our values. His research confirms what Plato and Aristotle taught about the universal attraction to the values of beauty, love, truth, and justice. I just love it when current research confirms the truth of ancient wisdom - makes me feel even more connected to those sages.

Hawkins' research supports what we innately suspect to be true, that there are some emotions, feelings, actions, and reactions that raise our energy levels, and others that do the opposite. We touched on this briefly at the recent Presentation Wow Workshop. 

The following list of words is scientifically proven to raise your level of energy; they're straight from Power Vs. Force, by David Hawkins, MD, PhD. The simple act of reviewing this list before composing a presentation, or even an email, can help you communicate more effectively.

High Energy Word Bank:

attentive, accepting, admitting, aesthetic, agreeable, allowing, appreciative, approving, attractive, authoritative, aware

balanced, beautiful, being, believing, brilliant

candid, carefree, challenged, charitable, cheerful, cherishing, choosing to, civil, concerned, conciliatory, confident, confronting (not harassing), conscious, considerate, constructive, contending, courageous

defending, democratic, detached, determined, devoted, diplomatic, doing

educating, egalitarian, empathetic, encouraging, energetic, enlivening, envisioning, equal, essential, eternal, ethical, excellent, experienced

fair, fertile, flexible, forgiving

generous, gentle, gifted, giving, global, gracious, grateful

harmonious, healing, helpful, holistic, honest, honoring, humble, humorous

impartial, ingenious, inspired, intentional, intuitive, inventive, inviting, involved

joyful, just


leading, liberating, long-term, loyal

merciful, modest

natural, noble, nurturing

observant, open, optimistic, orderly, outgoing

patient, peaceful, polite, powerful, praising, principled, prolific, purposeful

receiving, releasing, reliant, requesting, respectful, responsible

satisfied, selective, serene, serving, sharing, significant, sober, spontaneous, spiritual, steadfast

tender, thoughtful, thrifty, timeless, tolerant, trusting, truthful

unifying, unselfish

valuing, virtuous


There you have plenty of words you can access to raise your own energy level. By doing so, you automatically  raise the level of energy of everyone who interacts with you. 

One of the famous lines from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice is stated by Portia, when she claims that the virtue of mercy benefits both the merciful and the recipient of mercy. She compares the value of mercy to that of a gentle rain. Likewise, your positive communication benefits you, and those with whom you communicate.