Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Sure Way to Appreciate Your Assets

At our house, we awoke to the beautiful sound of rain falling. That's really a magical way to start the day, even if it does mean traffic may be a bit more challenging than usual.

The word "entrepreneur," as you know from its tricky spelling, comes from French. It originally meant to transform something of lower value into something of higher value. Like fixing up an old home, restoring an old desk, or learning a new skill.

That's the really exciting part of life - to appreciate people, things, and situations with a fresh perspective. That's what investors do. Investors either look at an existing company, or a person's business plan, and determine whether they can appreciate its value.

To appreciate is to see the value in. You can appreciate what is, and you can appreciate what can be. Both are habits and require an intent to appreciate.

That's what teachers do. We appreciate our students. Not that they always appreciate our appreciation. ;-)

The opposite of appreciation is taking for granted. I know you hate when others take you for granted. Feeling unappreciated hurts at a deep level; but then again, appreciation starts with yourself. The way you allow others to treat you reveals your own level of self-appreciation.

Recently I had a bad experience at a doctor's office. After 2 hours of getting no service, I went to another doctor's office and got my problem resolved immediately. But, I had to pay extra at the second doctor's office, whereas the visit to the first doctor was included in the price of the treatment I had already paid for. But I value my life and my time enough to spend an extra $31 to solve a problem.

Later, I took the trouble to express my dis-satisfaction with the first doctor. They were appropriately apologetic.

Look with investor-eyes at your day today. See what you can appreciate.