Friday, May 22, 2009

Identify Your Personal Brand

Garr Reynolds, of PresentationZen, writes that a brand is a promise. A good brand is obviously one that keeps its promise. What do you promise? What makes you different? That is the message of a personal brand. Tom Peters recommends keeping it to about 15 words.

Are you more Granola...or Peach Daquiri? Are you more Urban Outfitter, or Neiman Marcus?

Getting clear on your personal brand helps you communicate what you're about more easily and effortlessly; it even begins to be more obvious to those around you.

What's your brand like? What are you good at? What things catch your eye or your attention? What do you like to talk about? How to you like to help people? What do people seek your help for? What do you like to have done? Get out your pen and paper and start writing!

Here's one exercise to help you define your brand.

Finish this sentence 20 or more times: I could....

Another tip is to write out 20 things you enjoy.

My promise is to get my clients more confident in their presenting, and that confidence ripples into every other part of their lives as well.