Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 Things I Hate About Your Presentation

1. You seem to know, or care, nothing about me. It's all about you. So, I text away, waiting for you to finish and go home.

2. You talk too much. It takes you forever to get your thought across. It seems like it never occurred to you to try to get to the point and save us both some time.

3. You seem fake.

4. You have way too much text on your Power Points. Do you think I can't read? Why don't you just send me an email with all this data dump on it, instead of wasting my time and energy?

5. You're trying too hard. If you're product or service is so remarkable, why can't you relax about it?

6. You use stupid clip art in your visual support. Give me a break! Either take the trouble to find some great visual image, or leave it out. Power Point is not the only way to visually support your message, btw.

7. You talk too fast. You're giving me a lot of data, but I don't get what's in it for me. I'm kinda confused. Confused people don't usually buy.

8. You're playing with coins in your pocket. Unreal!

9. You're pushing me too hard. I love to buy, I hate to be sold. If your stuff is so great, why are you pressuring me to sign today?

10. You're boring. Wake me up when it's over. Don't let the door hit on the way out.