Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Manage Your Own Renewable Energy

You know that watching a two-year-old child in action is quite a sight to behold. The energy level is amazing. Small children don't see the point of walking, when they can run, jump, skip, all while screaming and clapping their hands with delight. They are little fireballs of energy.

It takes a lot of energy to be an effective leader in your life.


I can't promise you'll have this energy level again, like you did when you were two, but I do know there are ways of increasing your energy level and leveraging your energy so you get more of what you want to do, done.

Dealing with energy management is something my clients are usually surprised to deal with. After all, what does that have to do with presentation skills, or leadership? It has everything to do with both.

Similar to way each day gives us 24 hours to manage, each day we have a certain amount of energy to use. Some things, people, events, and places actually raise our energy level, while others do the opposite.

Cultivate awareness of the energy of everything. Notice when you come away from an encounter drained, or energized. See how the mess on your desk energizes you, or not. (Bravo to everyone who has a neat desk!)

I like to keep in mind that while money is replaceable, time is not. Energy is the currency with which we spend our days, and while you can't get back yesterday's energy, you can live now with more energy.

- Get enough sleep.

- Exercise.

- De-clutter (or would that be "de-clut?) your space.

- Shorten the time spent with energy-draining people.

- Notice how any music you listen to affects you.

- Monitor your media intake.

- Take time to do nothing.

- Take more control over your schedule.

Your energy determines how you feel and how others feel around you. It's one of those critical but invisible factors in the communication process.