Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Make Your Message Motivate

I just watched the very funny Onion News Network satire on Information Overload Syndrome. The writers really captured the essence of TMI, and you've still got to give another wow presentation. How do you keep your message from becoming just another TMI scrap?

The answer: Take out unnecessary information and keep your audience's interests in first place.

Assuming you have a clear purpose to your talk (if not see yesterday's post,) now you get to put together the heart of the message. The following questions can help you get it right.

- What is the benefit for your audience?

- Why should they agree with you?

- Which questions of theirs, do you answer?

- Which of their problems do you solve?

The answer to these questions is the meat of your message. The more remarkable you can make your answer(s), the better off you'll be.

Donald Trump really stresses the need for people making presentations to be brief. Former prez Franklin D. Roosevelt did the same with his quip, Be sincere, be brief, be seated.

Trump once limited a man's sales pitch to 3 minutes - and Trump bought the concept and invested with the 3- minute presenter.

Everyone wants more of their time back. Motivate succinctly and then sit down.