Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leadership for Bigger Impact

The capacity to develop close and enduring relationships is the mark of a leader. Unfortunately, many leaders of major companies believe their job is to create the strategy, organization structure and organizational processes -- then they just delegate the work to be done, remaining aloof from the people doing the work.
--Bill George, Authentic Leadership.

Here are some questions you can work with to enhance your leadership ability:

  • How can I help _________ (insert name of subordinate/prospect/client) be more successful?
  • Who are 10 people with whom I'd like to build closer relationships?
  • How can I create more "wow" experiences for my people at work?
  • What can I do for myself to rekindle my enthusiasm/joy?
  • Which tasks and meetings can we eliminate, or have less frequently?
  • How can I increase my production of optimism?

Good leadership is a process and a habit. It's something you build every day. Here's some spirit nourishment for the journey.